pay per fill kegs with keg logistics

What is Pay-Per-Fill?

The Pay-Per-Fill keg model means that you pay a fee every time a keg is filled and shipped to your distributor. Pay-Per-Fill kegs are based on a ‘pooled keg’ model which means that all of the breweries using this program share the same kegs. The benefit of this approach is that it reduces the individual brewery’s costs of purchasing and managing kegs.  You only pay for what you use, and there are no upfront costs associated with purchasing kegs. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about managing the kegs, as Keg Logistics handles the long-term maintenance of the kegs and the collection of empty kegs from your distributor. Because breweries are no longer responsible to track down lost or missing kegs, the Pay-Per-Fill program is an efficient and cost-effective option for breweries looking to distribute their beer locally, regionally, or even across the Nation.

How Does Pay-Per-Fill Work?

Keg Logistics’ Pay-Per-Fill program is simple and straightforward. 

Step 1: Order

The brewery places an order online. Kegs are shipped directly to the brewery from the Keg Logistics warehouse.

Step 2: Fill & Ship

The brewery fills and ships the kegs to their distributor, and notifies Keg Logistics where the kegs were sent, and how many of each size.

Step 3: Forget

The brewery's responsibility for the filled and shipped kegs is complete. Keg Logistics will now be responsible for the kegs from this point forward.

With the Pay-Per-Fill program, there are no hidden fees, no lost keg fees, and no up-front deposits. The per keg costs of the program depend on the keg size and the distance it has to travel. For instance, a 1/6 BBL keg sent to a local distributor might cost $6 per fill, while a 1/2 BBL keg sent across the country could cost almost triple that amount. 

How Much Does The Pay-Per-Fill Program Cost?

Before we can estimate your costs, you should determine the quantity of each keg size you ship in a year and the distance they need to travel. Once you have this info contact your Keg Logistics’ sales rep to help guide you through the calculations and provide a customized cost estimate for the Pay-Per-Fill program.

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