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Branding your kegs is certainly part of your marketing, but we consider the primary purpose of keg paint to be reducing loss. A branded keg is less likely to ‘get borrowed’ when it’s out in the real world.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a logo:

  1. Is it bold? The purpose of keg paint is to make your keg stand out in a distributor warehouse, on a truck, in a crowded walk in. You want people to be able to recognize it. Like a good tattoo, you should be able to see what it is from a distance. Consider something so recognizable that it can be seen from a passing car when it’s getting delivered to a bar.
  2. Save the details for labels, t shirts and coasters. Forget about intricate images and long slogans. Go bold. Big logo. Clear text. Include important info to help people find you. Phone? Website? City?
  3. We use a super high quality paint, but kegs get beat up. Consider the thick band with negative space showing through. This will remain readable for years and years. Paint with no background is an option, but is more prone to scratching over time.
  4. Finally….you can always be different and go old school…a slick striping combination can make your kegs as recognizable as a well thought out logo.

As part of Keg Logistics service, we include keg painting as part of your monthly fee. A high quality enamel paint lasts for a long time and gives your keg fleet a more professional look than blanks, bumper stickers or spray paint. We’ll adapt your logo to fit on the various keg sizes and paint the kegs in whatever pantone color you choose.

Go bold! Big logo with clear text.
Go bold! Big logo with clear text.


Keg paint will stand out in a distributor warehouse.
Keg paint will stand out in a distributor warehouse.

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