A major question for a brewery is whether to outsource shipping or handle it in-house. Here are some basic differences between the two options to help you in your decision:


To outsource your shipping, you hire a primary freight broker who handles everything for you. They arrange pick-ups, set routes, secure the right transportation method, schedule deliveries and make sure your shipments meet all regulatory requirements.

Brokers don’t just manage product shipments; they can also arrange deliveries for all of your brewing supplies and equipment.

Benefits to outsourcing:


If you run a high-volume brewery, you might want to hire an in-house shipping manager. You’ll want to look for someone who has experience as a carrier or broker, but they should at least be detail-oriented and able to handle high-pressure work.

Not only will they be handling all order and shipment details, they’ll also be researching/selecting multiple brokers to ensure your brewery is getting the best rates and the best service.

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