Chris Sapyta

Chris has over 25 years experience in the brewing industry. One of the original founders of MicroStar, he worked on bringing keg pooling to the US and helped develop and spread the use of the 1/6 barrel keg. He founded Keg Logistics in 2011.

Jill Dugan

Jill joined Keg Logistics in December 2018 and brings with her over 15 years of customer service and sales experience. Before joining Keg Logistics she spent the previous 8 years with Blefa Kegs, Inc as the Regional Sales Manager and played a heavy hand in the success of their new Vancouver, WA distribution location.

Nicola Smith

Nicola is the main UK-based contact for Rent-to-Own enquiries. She previously spent over 9 years with our partner, Kammac, holding a number of key roles within their operations. Her experience and understanding of the industry brings additional value to our UK & International customers.

Andrew McGrann

Andrew has over 10 years working in the keg supply and service industry. Andrew brings multiple years of valuable experience, most recently working for CBR. He has established multiple relationships in the UK brewing industry that will benefit the Keg Logistics UK team and our customers. A rugby enthusiast as player and coach, Andrew brings […]

Justin Meier

Justin came to Keg Logistics in October of 2017 after serving as the North American Sales Director of Blefa Kegs. At Blefa Kegs, he was involved in sales, marketing, and operations that led Blefa to be the #1 supplier of kegs to the North American markets.

Tyler Smith

Before joining Keg Logistics, Tyler was involved in sales at Atlas Keg Company as well as the management of their shipping/receiving warehouse. An avid homebrewer, Tyler’s love of craft beer drives all of his customer relationships.

Robert Merryman

A Certified Cicerone, Robert began his career representing large European breweries. He was the first to introduce Sierra Nevada to Spain and helped improve handling techniques in the Spanish market. Robert joined Keg Logistics in 2015.

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