Keg Logistics & North Keg Combine

Keg Logistics is pleased to announce its acquisition of Canadian-based keg leasing company, North Keg. The deal brings together the two leading keg leasing providers in the USA and Canada, creating the premier leader in the keg management sector supporting over 2,600 high growth breweries, cideries, and specialty beverage customers across the United States, Canada, […]

How Many Kegs Do I Need?

“How many kegs do I need to keep up with supply and demand?” It’s a common question among new brewers, but finding the answer means you need to know the answers to these questions first: What will your brewing capacity be? How often do you plan to brew? What size are your fermenters? How many […]

Exporting Kegs – The Best Way

If you are a brewery in the USA – exporting draught / kegs to the EU, do not settle for plastic kegs or one way throw aways! Use the best. One way STAINLESS Blefa/Franke 30 Lt kegs ( USA – D valve or EURO – S valve) or 1/6 Barrel with USA D-type valve. Kegs are RFID […]

Create Outstanding Painted Kegs

Branding your kegs is certainly part of your marketing, but we consider the primary purpose of keg paint to be reducing loss. A branded keg is less likely to ‘get borrowed’ when it’s out in the real world. Here are some things to consider when choosing a logo: Is it bold? The purpose of keg […]

Congratulations to All 2018 GABF Winners!

Congratulations to all of our customers who won medals this year! You can view all of the 2018 winners here:

Brewery Shipping: Outsourcing vs. In-house

A major question for a brewery is whether to outsource shipping or handle it in-house. Here are some basic differences between the two options to help you in your decision: Outsourcing To outsource your shipping, you hire a primary freight broker who handles everything for you. They arrange pick-ups, set routes, secure the right transportation […]

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