Stop waiting for your kegs to be returned. Empty kegs sitting at a wholesaler’s location costs you money. Other retrieval systems provide competitive rates, but at the expense of having slow keg turns. Once the keg is picked up – you owe a wholesaler your deposit back, but where is your keg? Lengthy time to consolidate empties from the wholesalers just slows down the brewery's turns, which means more kegs needed to support that same number of sales. KEG LOGISTICS WILL TURN YOUR KEGS FASTER. Whether it is 1 pallet or a truckload, it's always on a "cost plus" basis.


Each of our customers are able to tap into FitzMark’s freight buying power, and all the brewery’s empty kegs can be collected and shipped from non-local distributors on a “cost plus” basis.

We are interested in helping our customers turn their entire keg inventory faster (all the brewery's owned-kegs, not just the KEG LOGISTICS-rented portion).

Any increase in empty keg return efficiency will lower the cost per-keg sold. Quicker empty keg returns translates to fewer kegs required, and less capital-expenditure for the brewery.

With KEG LOGISTICS'S business model, a brewery's success turning kegs works for them, not against them - as with other per-use fee programs.

Please contact us today for assistance with empty keg returns from the brewery's non-local markets.

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